Defensive Care

Regular dental checkups, twice a day brushing, once a day flossing, average diet and good overall health and yet I still get cavities and gum problems? "Preventive" dental care can be confusing. We enjoy recommending "defensive" care and our team is here to help our patients adjust their game plans based on specific needs.

Some people can brush once a day and floss every few days and be healthy. Others may need to brush four times a day and floss twice a day to be healthy. Home care, diet, age, genetics, lifestyle, habits, profession, gender, medications, hobbies, medical history including cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, acid reflux, diabetes and smoking can all affect our oral health. We do our best to take these variables into account when helping our patients develop a strategy to defend against oral health problems.

Hawaii remains the nation's worst childhood tooth decay state, and gum disease continues to affect nearly 50% of american adults. But tooth wear and tooth sensitivity seems to be on a dramatic rise in our population. We are fortunate to have forged a close relationship with a leader in research and development of sensitivity and dry mouth products. They periodically educate our team on the abrasiveness of dental products on the markets as well as the aciditiy of common food and drinks - even bottled waters can be acidic!  We are happy to pass on this education to our patients along with product samples that are very effective at alleviating symptoms.

From Sensodyne Pronamel's website. Please visit for the full interactive list of acidic foods and beverages as well as information in combating sensitivity.
From one of our lunch and learns. The higher the RDA value the more abrasive a toothpaste is to your teeth.
Image of the abrasiveness of toothpastes. RDA of zero would be non-alcoholic rinses like ACT, peridex, biotene PBF, listerine zero, crest pro health. RDA of 7 is baking soda (arm and hammer yellow box). RDA of 23-25 is biotene PDF or pronamel toothpastes. RDA 42-49 is arm and hammer peroxicare, advance white oxyfresh or toms of maine sensitive. RDA of 62-63 is clinpro 5000 biotene regular or rembrandt mint. RDA of 68-70 is colgate regular, colgate total, arm and hammer advance white sensitive stick to these green colored toothpastes with RDA of less than 70. RDA of 79-93 is sensodyne, aim, colgate sensitive max biotene aquafresh sensitive toms of main regular these are ok too. RDA 95 and up try to avoid RDA 95-110 crest kids, crest regular, crest sensitivity rembrandt plus mentadent sensodyne repair and protect. RDA 112-124 prevident 5000 aquafresh arm and hammer and colgate whitening toothpastes or colgate sensitive. RDA 130-144 crest extra whitening or pro health with scope or crest multicare whitening. RDA 189-200 crest pro health colgate 2 in 1 tartar and whitening icy blast whitening or any advanced whitening.

Our product recommendations:

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