Meet the Team

Photo of Aiea Pearl City Dental Care Team Photo Top Row Left to Right Rechie Sherri Dee Venice Karen Vangie Vilma Robbie Lydia Doreen Laurie Teo Bottom Row left to right Sandie Tracy Dr Nakamura Dr Matsuura Dr BLake Danny Kim;

Photo of Aiea Pearl City Dental Care Front office team members top row left to right Venice Rechie Doreen Bottom row left to right Dee Laurie Vilma;

Venice, Rechilda, Doreen
Dee, Laurie, Vilma

Dee, Genevieve, Rechilda, Venice, Laurie

Patient Coordinators, Financial Admins

photo of Aiea pearl city dental care clinical assistants danny lydia robbie vangie

Danny, Lydia, Robbie, Vangie

Robbie, Lydia, Danny, Rose, Vangie

Clinical Assistants

photo of aiea pearl city dental care hygienists top row left to right teo sandie karen bottom row left to right tracy sherri kim

Teo, Sandie, Karen
Tracy, Sherri, Kim

Kelly, Karen, Kirsten, Sandie
Sherri, Teo, Tracy