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  • Matty Ice
    Quarterback Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons having a great start to the NFL season except for this post interception daze against the Minnesota Vikings on September 28, 2014. But Read more
  • Tooth Fairy
    The Tooth Fairy's average trade for a tooth is $3.70! She only gave me 50 cents tops! I guess she doesn't like the midwest weather; she gives the "least" there at Read more
  • Parking
    The parking structure at the Mary Savio Building is finally complete (and massive!). It is a beautiful addition to the property and good things are ahead for the medical center. Read more
  • Skydiving!
    Tracy (dental hygienist) and Vilma (clinical assistant/patient coordinator) living it up! Read more
  • New Office Location
    Across the street from our old office in the Times Square Shopping Center. The tallest building in that complex: four story dark glass building, previously the Spa Fitness Center. Park in Read more
  • New office photos
    Read more
  • We've moved!
    Finally! We have moved to our new location in the building across the street that was once the Spa Fitness Center. This is the view from our old building, the Read more
  • New Logo!
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  • Dr. Nakamura's First Century Ride
    Dr. Nakamura's first Honolulu Century Ride, September 2013! Read more
  • Construction Update
    Getting ready to start the third level (of six). Expected finish date late January early February. Progress going very well, but so is the progress on our new office! We Read more
  • Healthy Eats For Kids
    GEHA Health e-News: Helping kids make healthy choices food choices in 5 easy steps: 1) Let them learn by serving themselves They will learn about making decisions - what to eat, how Read more
  • Parking Update
       Laying the work for the foundation of the 6 story parking structure. HEADS UP! ProPark has been managing the parking for our building, handling the Valet and shuttle service to the parking Read more
  • Ben Affleck's Smile
    Did you know? For Ben Affleck's starring role in the 1998 film Armageddon, director Michael Bay's concern for Ben Affleck's small, dark, unevenly spaced teeth resulted in a $20,000 smile makeover Read more
  • Tooth Tattoos
    Crazy! Art on dental crowns/caps. From Dental Art and Humor Read more
  • Parking Garage Construction
    Parking garage update: Foundation now being drilled 100 feet down underground to support the 6 story parking structure. Read more
  • Eating Battery Acid
    Some sour candies are as acidic as battery acid! Next time you or your kids munch on those sour candies remember to treat your teeth as if battery acid was Read more