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  • benzocaine and teething babies
    Benzocaine for Teething Babies: Health Risk FDA reissues warning about Benzocaine gels and liquids used to relieve teething pain in children under 2 due to risk of rare but serious disease Read more
  • Fluoridated Water
      Fluoridated water reaching more US residents: up from 2000 to 2010 from 65% to 73.9% of residents who receive water from community water systems (about 204 million residents, up 9 Read more
  • Sedation Precautions
    Parents claim sedation endangered son's well being. Tiger suffers heart trouble during dental procedure: Sedation is always a risky procedure. If possible it's best to avoid sedation...all forms of sedation compound Read more
  • Pediatric Dentistry Tips
    American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Most parents and caregivers unaware their best intentions may be fostering tooth decay in children.   Summary: A piece of caramel is a "better" snack for teeth than Read more
  • Study links secondhand smoke and periodontal disease
      Secondhand Smoke and Periodontal Disease Study links secondhand smoke and periodontal disease. Exposure of a few hours each day can double the risk for severe periodontal disease. Smokers have a higher risk Read more
  • Vet Dentistry: February is Pet Dental Health Month
      Vet Dentristry update: Only 10% of pet owners care for their pet's teeth. American Veterinary Medical Association names Feb as Pet Dental Health Month. Summary: 80% of dogs, 70% of cats show signs Read more
  • Gum disease associated with heart disease
      (Links below) From the CDA (California Dental Association) - Summary: Studies have shown that those with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease (heart disease) than Read more
  • testing
    Testing Read more
  • Chemistry of Teeth
    Chemistry of Teeth And I though O chem was just a filter class and that I could forget my chemistry...wrong! Read on but it could get boring... Summary: Like anything in solution (ie Read more
  • Cavity Grades by City
     Cavity Grades By City Doing well, Honolulu!Coming soon. Read more
  • Acidity of Food and Drinks The acidity of our diet can contribute to enamel erosion, or the thinning and loss of tooth enamel, the top layer of our teeth and hardest substance in our body. Read more